its simple. you deserve good music, and these songs deserve to be heard.

this site posts one awesome song everyday for you. no flashy images, long descriptions, or things that distract you from the music. the songs are not restricted to one genre, freshness, popularity, or anything of such—they're just simply awesome.

listen, enjoy, reblog with a comment or your favorite part of the lyrics, anything.
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"We Never Shut Up About You"

the heartbeat i once had will beat for yours.

of Montreal

"We Will Commit Wolf Murder"

we will produce verity holocausts; we will commit acts of misery; we will weaponize silence in a sense; and we’ll forget.

Air Review

"My Automatic"

come love, take control.

Stellar Young

"We Own Nothing"

we own nothing but the moments that we had.

Auto Defiance

"Bizarre Love Triangle"

i’m waiting for that final moment you say the words that i can’t say.

Gin Wigmore

"Kill of the Night"

i might just tear you apart.

Forgive Durden

"The Missing Piece (feat. Lizzy Huffman)"

love week #6: place your hand in mine, untie your mind.


"Built To Last"

love week #5: 'cause this is real and this is good, it warms the inside just like it should.

The Icarus Account

"I Love You Always"

love week #4: there were things when we first met that i knew that i would never forget about you.

Angels & Airwaves


love week #3: you make me feel alive.

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